About The Real World Roadmap

  You worked hard.


You made the grades.


You did everything you were told you were supposed to do



But something’s still missing because life after college is totally different.



Time, money, blood, sweat and tears all at your expense.


And yet, the big question remains….


Am I going to make it?
What do I do next?
 Where do I go from here?



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I’m the Urban Money Manager, and over 12,000 people follow my content every day to learn how to maneuver through the struggles of the real world. I show you the most important things that your professors never taught you in college.

That’s why I’ve created the real world roadmap to give you an incredible advantage in dominating your career.


Why Me?

I graduated from Baylor University with over $95,000 in student loan debt,

and $0.00 in the bank.



After being broke and homeless, within 5 years I managed to:

- Pay off $95,000 in student loan debt + $30,000 in credit card debt

- Start an automated online business

- Own multi-family real estate property making passive income

- Retire from Corporate America

- Travel the World


And much more.

Look, Here's My Million Dollar Question...

Have you ever wondered why so many of us graduate from top institutions, make incredible grades, only to live back at home with our parents while working a dead-end job that didn’t require a degree in the first place?  The real world is very competitive, and it’s set up in such a way that it’s not just about what you know, but who you know. All of us want to get ahead, but we don’t know truly know how. We’ve never been shown the way by the right person.

I’m ready to show you exactly how I did it. Not only that, I want to you show you what I wish I would’ve done to avoid tough setbacks and failures along the way.